Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quintescentials on heartsy

Quintescentials is going to be featured on Heartsy tomorrow! If you are a VIP member, you can purchase the deal today. The deal is a steal, at 6$ for 30$ store credit, good for 3 months and can be used towards shipping!!! Talk about savings.

I also have to mention, the VIP deal is worth it. I believe it's still 7.99 for an entire month, and it paid for itself in one purchase. I've had three deals now that i've purchased, where with the VIP, I've recieved an *additional* 10$ in store credit! The only downside is unless you unsubscribe, they will continue to charge you on a monthly basis after your first month runs out. If you order from heartsy regularly, it is an amazing deal.

So, have you ordered from Heartsy yet? Are you planning on buying the Quintescentials deal?

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