Monday, October 31, 2011

Poison Plum

Yeah! I haven't had a chance to swatch all of my Darling Goul eyeshadows yet, but I did a quick FOTD because I wanted to play with Poison Plum. I knew I would like this color from the swatches before the release, but wow, I've been wearing this color almost every day! It's beautiful!

For the eyes I used Fluff, Apparition, Karma, and NYX black
Fantasia blush on the cheeks, and Poison Plum with Goldfinger hologloss on top!

Here I'm wearing Poison Plum and Magic Potion on my lips :)

A Darling Ghoul Halloween...

Happy Halloween! My pumpkin this year is an owl. My dad made the silly one on the right that looks like it's vomitting or something; he claims it's crying. Matt made the one in the middle (I cut my thumb while trying to make the little pumpkin inside his mouth!) I will edit this post later to show the photos of the pumpkins at night :D

This year I had a presentation at school to do, so I didn't get to dress up for Halloween during the day. We got marks for professionalism, and that included dress I figured it wouldn't be the best of ideas! I didn't come home until later, so I did a rather quick FOTD using mostly Darling Girl eyeshadows from the Darling Ghoul Halloween collection.

Darling girl Scream Queen, Thriller, Jack's Latern & Karma eyeshadows