Monday, October 31, 2011

Poison Plum

Yeah! I haven't had a chance to swatch all of my Darling Goul eyeshadows yet, but I did a quick FOTD because I wanted to play with Poison Plum. I knew I would like this color from the swatches before the release, but wow, I've been wearing this color almost every day! It's beautiful!

For the eyes I used Fluff, Apparition, Karma, and NYX black
Fantasia blush on the cheeks, and Poison Plum with Goldfinger hologloss on top!

Here I'm wearing Poison Plum and Magic Potion on my lips :)


  1. I loooooooove these looks! They are amazing! And I adore your scarf - I don't supposed you knit it yourself and could tell me the pattern? (Now I'm off to add you to my blog roll, and stalk your blog for that scarf and more makeup and knitty goodness!)

  2. Thank you Larie & Kathy! :) The pattern I used is by Stephen West, he makes really amazing knitwear pieces! His patterns are all to buy, although I think he has a few free patterns available. His patterns are really easy to read, and once you get the hang of the repeats the piece works up so fast! Here is the link to this pattern, I've made it a handful of times now :)

    I'm so glad to know someone else who knits on here! :D

  3. Yay! Thank you so, so, so much! You have no idea what a creeper I've been about that scarf - but it's gorgeous, and I neeeeeeed one for myself. :D

  4. Pretty Look and beautiful Scarf ! really U R Great and nice your hobbies. Creative your idea