Monday, October 31, 2011

A Darling Ghoul Halloween...

Happy Halloween! My pumpkin this year is an owl. My dad made the silly one on the right that looks like it's vomitting or something; he claims it's crying. Matt made the one in the middle (I cut my thumb while trying to make the little pumpkin inside his mouth!) I will edit this post later to show the photos of the pumpkins at night :D

This year I had a presentation at school to do, so I didn't get to dress up for Halloween during the day. We got marks for professionalism, and that included dress I figured it wouldn't be the best of ideas! I didn't come home until later, so I did a rather quick FOTD using mostly Darling Girl eyeshadows from the Darling Ghoul Halloween collection.

Darling girl Scream Queen, Thriller, Jack's Latern & Karma eyeshadows