Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve FOTD with Fyrinnae

I wanted to try out some of my new Fyrinnae shades, but still wanted something more light to wear out to dinner.

Sale at Hi-Fi Cosmetics + On Tour FOTD

Veronica posted on facebook today, a coupon for 20% off your order! Enter code HAPPYNEWYEAR20 at checkout!

There's also some New Years shades listed on facebook! I did a mock order and you can use the coupon code for samples, so this would be a good time to try out the Holiday collection!

Eyes: Hi-Fi On Tour, Brazen Cold Shoulder, NYX Black
Face: Brazen perfect 10 blush (awesome dupe for Nars' orgasm!), Brazen foundation
Lips: Brazen Shimmy lipgloss

Originally I wanted to do a look using Sugarpills' Goldilux, but after a couple swipes on my lid I remembered I received On Tour as a sample and wanted to give that a try as well. It's VERY similiar to Goldilux, maybe less glitter, but is much easier to apply and provides a more vivid gold.

More Fyrinnae Swatches!

I received my latest Fyrinnae order today. I ordered in early December. I swatched these over a primer and Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. Some of the shadows require more than other to apply evenly (I especially found this with Ravens & writing desks) and there is some fallout. They are gorgeous colors though, and the sample sizes are huge! (No sifter jars though)
The Arcane Magic colors are the same price as regular shadows, but you receive 1/4 of a tsp instead of the usual 1/4. I found most of my Arcane's were filled about the same as the regulars, and some of the regulars were FILLED completely to the top of the jar! I received Candy Coated as a free sample, which I already have, but i'm not complaining!

victorian vamp - burgundy brown with shimmer
ravens & writing desks
conjuror - love this one! brown with amazing green sparkle and shimmer
sequined master - intense sparkly purple with blue sparkle
android angel - gorgeous vivid purple! I don't know why it looks blue here but it really isnt.
atomic afterglow - metallic taupey gold
newcastle - metallic olive gold
leopard print galaxy - metallic chartreuse-gold
calvera cupcakes - metallic silver pink
daemon's tail - gorgeous pink with copper highlights!
rapunzel had extensions - peach with gold sheen
My favorites are Daemon's tail, Rapunzel had extensions, Conjuror, Sequined Master. I'm excited to do a look with Daemon's tail and Rapunzel had extensions!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Holiday Swatches

From top to bottom, L to R: reindeer games, frosty air, dashing through the snow, time for cheer, dream by the fire, yule tide carols, three kings, silent night, oh christmas tree, jingle bell rock, morning gold, suicide trees, sex, drugs and rock n roll, rich man's warm

Reindeer games has totally visible green sparkles, o christmas tree is green with red sparkles! This would have made an awesome FOTD for christmas!

Dream by the fire is more of a reddish brown with sparkle, yuletide carols is like a metallic chocolate brown. Jingle Bell Rock and Silent Night both have crazy sparkles as well!

Morning Gold and the remainder of the swatches were sent as free samples! Thanks Veronica! Suicide Trees is going to be a new favorite. I can't wait to try this out with a smokey eye!
I purchased the Holiday sampler pack during the Black Friday sale (along with three of the halloween eyeshadows as they were 40% off!) and my only beef is how long it took to get these babies shipped. I placed my order in the early morning on BF, and just received them today. The TAT was supposed to be ~10 days, but it did take much longer. Hi-Fi's internet was also down in December, and I never received an notification when my package was shipped. I do think Veronica underestimated the amount of sales she would have! I will continue to order from Hi-Fi, but she is still quite backed up on etsy so sadly i won't be ordering until the TAT goes down.

New swatches from Brazen Cosmetics

I purchased some mini pots from Brazen earlier in paradox, goosebump and dazed (first three on the top) and was sent the others as samples!
From top to bottom, L to R - paradox, goosebump, dazed, ice queen, mythic, cirque, oath, charisma blush, perfect 10 blush, bronzer
Dazed is definitely my favorite of the bunch! Perfect 10 is similiar to Nars Orgasm, but with WAY more gold sparkle and shine! All that charisma is missing is some irridescent glitter. ;)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Trying out this recipe tonight! They are currently baking in my oven. I divided the recipe by half, no one in my house would ever finish 43 cookies!

Oatmeal-Cranberry Cookies

Friday, December 3, 2010

FOTD with fyrinnae!


Fyrinnae Swatches

Woo!! I placed an order earlier in November when the TAT was ~24 days. My order took about two weeks before it was shipped, and it arrived today!