Friday, December 31, 2010

More Fyrinnae Swatches!

I received my latest Fyrinnae order today. I ordered in early December. I swatched these over a primer and Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. Some of the shadows require more than other to apply evenly (I especially found this with Ravens & writing desks) and there is some fallout. They are gorgeous colors though, and the sample sizes are huge! (No sifter jars though)
The Arcane Magic colors are the same price as regular shadows, but you receive 1/4 of a tsp instead of the usual 1/4. I found most of my Arcane's were filled about the same as the regulars, and some of the regulars were FILLED completely to the top of the jar! I received Candy Coated as a free sample, which I already have, but i'm not complaining!

victorian vamp - burgundy brown with shimmer
ravens & writing desks
conjuror - love this one! brown with amazing green sparkle and shimmer
sequined master - intense sparkly purple with blue sparkle
android angel - gorgeous vivid purple! I don't know why it looks blue here but it really isnt.
atomic afterglow - metallic taupey gold
newcastle - metallic olive gold
leopard print galaxy - metallic chartreuse-gold
calvera cupcakes - metallic silver pink
daemon's tail - gorgeous pink with copper highlights!
rapunzel had extensions - peach with gold sheen
My favorites are Daemon's tail, Rapunzel had extensions, Conjuror, Sequined Master. I'm excited to do a look with Daemon's tail and Rapunzel had extensions!


  1. Rapunzel Had Extensions is so pretty. I'm excited to see Dinosaur Plushie. I like their blushes too.

  2. Which blushes do you like? I've been wanting to try some of them!