Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Blossoms

When I first started following Susan of Darling Girl Cosmetics blog, one of my favorite FOTDs of hers was using the combination of pink/purples & greens. It sounds like a strange combo, but I thought it was so beautiful. Yep, I copied the look, using Plum Blossoms and REM! I'm going out for sushi today to celebrate my birthday; Matt will be working evenings all weekend. (Saturday is my 21st birthday!)

I lightly patted the blush on, over bronzer. The color looks extremely pigmented in the bag, and it can be applied that way as well or toned down as shown here. It's a really interesting blush with a pretty duochrome. I think I'll do a nude eye tomorrow using more blush, so you can see how gorgeous it really is.

DG Los angelitos as a highlight
DG Plum Blossom

DG Fantasia blush
Jane bronzer
MAC creme de nude on lips


  1. The combination is oddly beautiful :) I have these colours so I should probably try it sometime!

  2. Beautiful look! Great DG colors! And happy early birthday! 21! Yay!

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! :)