Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heartsy: Brazen Cosmetics

I recieved my Heartsy order with Brazen Cosmetics today! It's been a while since I've had an order, so I was very excited to recieve this one. Sandi is still working on getting the website up and running, but for now you can check out Brazen on either Etsy or Artfire. She has an exciting collection planned for Halloween, so watch the facebook page!!

Top row: strut, spectacle, don't stop, prude, scorching

Bottom row: prowl, pharoah, cali girl bronzer, alchemy passion pot

strut - hot pink/magenta with sparkle
 spectacle - bright canary yellow
don't stop - dark, shimmery taupe (my favorite of this bunch!)
prude - light lavender
scorching - hard to describe... I will use this as a highlight/accent shade, especially in my tearduct.

prowl - rustic sort of orange, perfect for fall
pharoah - combo between an olive green and gold
cali girl bronzer - light brown, shimmery bronze
alchemy passion pot  - wearable gold!

I love fall, and I'm excited to wear olives, oranges & golds. Don't stop! will go perfect with Prowl or Pharaoah, which have to be my favorites of this order. Alchemy I was originally on the fence on, because it seems so much darker in the listing. It is such a beautiful shade, and would be perfect over a nude lip.

Did you pick up anything during Brazen's Heartsy deal??


  1. Don't Stop looks like a must have!

  2. So many pretties! I love Alchemy! And Scorching looks like an interesting color!

  3. Strut, Spectacle, Prowl and Pharaoh are hot :D