Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Evil Shades Order

I placed two orders with Evil Shades a couple of months ago during sales they were having. After waiting a little under a month for my orders which were shipped together, I contacted Andrea about it. She *very* kindly reshipped both my orders, and it arrived today! Thanks again, Andrea! :)
Shipping took a little under two weeks to reach Canada. I still have not received my other package. Lately i'm beginning to think there is something wrong with the post office; mail has been even slower than usual (almost like holiday shipping time) and i'm still waiting on quite a few packages. Anyway, I want to once again say how great Evil Shades' customer service is, and Andrea herself.

With flash, from L to R: avens blush, day dream blush, love bites blush, ravishing blush, seraphic, succubus, errinye, neritic, valkyries, drakon, souls torment, cerebus, xanthus, gryphon, acolyte, moirae, suffocation, mordant

No flash

Avens Blush - peach with a pink shift
Day Dream Blush - golden shimmer

Love Bites Bush - coral shimmer

Ravishing Blush - bright coral

Seraphic - bright pink

succubus - orange/pink with a pink shift

Errinye - copper with shimmer

Neritic - peach with gold shimmer

Valkyries - matte light pink

Drakon - bronzed grey

Souls Torment - purple with aqua shimmer/sparkle

Cerebus - strong copper with hot pink sparkle

xanthus - chocolate brown

Gryphon - brown with pink highlights

Acolyte - forest green with lots of sparkle

Moirae - bronze, more brown that Drakon

Suffocation - pink with a blue shift! This is the lipstick Bane as a shadow

Mordant - dark purple with pink sparkle


  1. I agree with you.....there must be something wrong with the post office. I live in Canada as well and it seems that (especially lately) everything I order from the US takes forever and a day to get here! WTF?

  2. I don't know what's up, but they better get their act together! It wasn't even this bad around holiday season, they were working overtime (Canada Post was even delivering on Sundays!)

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