Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brazen Cosmetics: My one true love

Yippie! My latest Brazen order finally arrived! It was packaged up in a tiny box with cute red tissue paper. I ordered lipglosses during the 3/$11 deal on facebook in Muse, Conflict, Heiress. I also picked up Make Out, sample packs of the Valentines Day eyeshadow collections (one of which is now part of Brazen's regular line because they were so popular!)

More goodies! Sandi included a solid perfume version of my favorite perfume from her, Coca cupcake! It smells delicious. I wear this on an almost daily basis, it's a very comforting and foody scent.

Eyeshadow samples! The sample sets come packed up seperately in their own little baggies with stickers!

As always, the ingredients are all listed on the products; even on sample baggies! Cocoa Loco is one of Brazen's lip scrubs, it smells like chocolate and is delicious! I'll admit to tasting some when scrubbing my lips earlier.

Sandi scent me a sample of her popcorn scent with my last order, so I asked to try some of her little soaps in the scent. It's a really strange scent, I mean, I first thought "Who want's to smell like popcorn?" It's quite interesting, there's a mixture of both sweet and salty with a buttery undernote...yumm. The tiny size works out well too, I can just use 1-2 with each shower. The other sample is of her Cinniamon bun scent, which of course, smells EXACTLY like fresh baked cinnamon buns!

More beautiful packaging for the perfumes I ordered.

I ordered 5 perfumes; Choco Mallow, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hella Vanilla, Girly Girl, Strawberries & Champagne and Sandi threw in Pecan Pie!

Now onto the swatches! These are all swatched over Hi-Fi's primer.

Top to bottom, L to R: Last Call, Vixen, Miss Independent, Tease, custom color
Row 2: Be Mine, True Love, Cutie Pie, For Ever
Row 3: unnamed, Vague, upcoming blush

With Flash: Last Call, Vixen, Miss Independent, Tease, custom color, Be Mine, True Love, Cutie Pie, For Ever
No flash

My favorites of the bunch are For Ever, Vixen, and Tease! Have you ordered from Brazen lately, or are now planning to? If you haven't already joined the facebook page, check it out! There's weekly deals on all kinds of products (including FB only stuff), and posts/teasers about upcoming products.

I have lots of FOTDS to do, lipgloss swatches and scent descriptions for all the perfumes, so expect another upcoming post on Brazen!


  1. I bet Hella Vanilla smells delicious. And Vixen is so pretty! I want.

  2. Nice post, I have never tried brazen but this makes me want to! I love those pastel eyeshadows, they would be just awesome for spring!

  3. @Marin, Hella Vanilla is delicious! It's a foodie vanilla, almost bakery sweet. If you love vanilla scents, you should give it a try.

    @Vulcan_Butterfly Brazen's always doing promos and giveaways on facebook; join the FB fan site and maybe you'll win something to try out! My first ever Brazen product was an eyeshadow I won on facebook, and I've been hooked ever since.

  4. OH my gosh these colors are beautiful. I have heard a lot of great things about Brazen, i should check them out!