Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quintescentials Body Butter

Another order from Quintescentials! I placed this one with the debut of the new body butter, on March. 9th. Thank goodness Customs decided to release it to me earlier this time! As usual, my order arrived in a box, neatly packagd. Inside included a thank you card (which looks like recycled paper which is an added bonus!) Samantha also included a sample of her Pink Sugar body butter. It's thinner than the Chocolate butter, but still moisturizing and smells delicious!

The noms.

Here is the Chocolate Mousse body butter! Same great scent as the scrubs and whipped soap, and the butter is very fluffy. As always, ingredients are listed on this product.
I have very dry skin, and I love the formula of the butter! The application reminds me a bit of Lush's massage bars which is a staple product for me. It can feel a tad greasy on the application (you really only need a little) but my skin soaks up all the oils & mositure within minutes. I've been applying this to my hands on & off all day, and the scent is still lingering (Yum!) My hands feel very soft and hydrated.

I purchased the 3 oz size Pumpkin Cheesecake scented scrubs (just a tad bigger than the Chocolate Fudge scrubs) which comes with 3 good sized scrubs for 3.00. I will be breaking these up so I can get more uses out of them.

I really like the sample sized tubs! Pictured here is the Pumpkin Cheesecake whipped soap. The texture is a little thinner than the Chocolate Mousse whipped soap, and it looks like there's some pretty gold mica sparkle in the mix!

Chocolate Bunny soap pack (12 bunnies for 2.50) which come in the cutest carrot bag! I'm going to get more of these to give to some family members for easter. The bunnies have a yummy chocolate scent.

Close up on the bunnies! They are enough for an IND shower use, I'll probably use some as a hand soap in the bathroom around Easter time as well.

Bunnies! Can you see their glimmer?!


  1. These products look so awesome! The pumpkin cheesecake whipped soap sounds awesome!

  2. The bunnies look SO cute!

  3. Ah.. Another company that goes on my wishlist.. All these sound soo yummy :) Great post!

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