Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yet another neutral FOTD

My aunt is in town, and we are going out for supper tonight for greek food. This has been a very hard week; my aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer which metastasized to the liver in early August, right before I started school. We just found out over the weekend it has now spread to her brain. Tomorrow morning she has a gamma knife scheduled, and the rest of her chemotherapy and treatment is dependent on how what happens tomorrow. I wrote two exams this week, and have my last on Friday to write. I received an email earlier this week from an instructor saying a paper I wrote isn't legible to her, so I had to re-write it this afternoon. Not a good week at all. I am off next week and am hoping to relax and de-stress before beginning my second year of nursing.


Eyes: Brazen Ice Queen, Fyrinnae Polar Bear, Fyrinnae Half-elf Hottie, Fyrinnae Druid Werewolf, Brazen Defiant
Face: Brazen foundation in Amber, Sobe Botanicals in Icing on the Cake, Brazen Hi-Def finishing powder
Lips: Brazen La Femme lipgloss

Here's a better shot of my pashmina! I picked this up when I was in Toronto last year. I love the colors. I'm really excited to hopefully be going back to Toronto in the summer time for a vacation.


  1. You are so beautiful!! I love the neutral look!


  2. Thank you Wendi and Lissa!! :)

  3. omg!!! Lovely looking and beautiful dress. really u r very very beautiful girl and innocent face.