Friday, November 25, 2011

It seems so fitting, don't you think; to dress the ground in white and grey...

Susan recently released a series of new blushes. They appear *very* bright, both on the site and in the bag in person, but can be blended down quite nicely! I am still waiting for my order to arrive, but Susan included a sample of Purple Haze with an previous order. I love purple, but being pale as a ghost I wondered how it would turn out. I actually love this blush, and will be ordering a full size!

Eyes: DG Apparition, Danceteria, Smoking Gun, NYX Odyssey
Face: DG Purple Haze blush, Jane Bronzer, Brazen Scorching as a highlight
Lips: DG Poison Plum, Poison Orchid

(Can you tell Poison Plum is my all time favorite lip color?)


  1. Purple Haze looks incredible on you! I'll have to check these blushes out, myself. And Poison Plum is sooooo gorgeous on you, no wonder it's your favorite!

  2. I just ordered Poison Plum the other day, so now I can understand the hype :D

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  4. Oooh, I like Purple Haze on you! I enjoy the song reference in the title of this look ;)