Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Be Enchanted!

Bath and Body Works recently released a new signature scent, called Be Enchanted. Although I support and adore Indie scented products, B&BW is a guilty pleasure of mine. We recently got a store in a nearby mall, otherwise the closest one to us was in Grand Forks in the US. The scent of the store can be almost overwhelming, as everything sort of mingles together into one strange, master scent. One of my absolute favorite products of theirs are the mini hand sanitizers. I keep one in just about every bag that I own!

When I stepped into the store over the weekend, they were having their usual By 3 Get 3 Free sale. A lot of our family members loves their scents, so we picked up a couple of goodies as Christmas presents. I had to pick up Be Enchanted for myself in lotion form. I love the girly and sparkly design of the bottle. The scent itself reminds me of one of my favorite scents from their signature collection, Secret Wonderland. The site describes Be Enchanted as: "fresh, sparkling blend of frosted florals sweetened with sugared pomegranate, inspired by all that glitters." I don't now if I've ever smelled pomegranate in perfume form, but this smells quite citrusy. The main note I pick up on my skin is elegantly musky, combined with the fruity citrus and florals. Over time the fruit scent fades, and I get mostly musk and light florals. I will probably have to return to the store to get the body mist!

Have you tried Be Enchanted yet? What is your favorite B&BW scent?


  1. I LOVE Be Enchanted!!! It's probably my new favorite scent.

  2. Be Enchanted definitely enchanted my sniffer when I first tried it. I've been using Secret Wonderland and Country Chic lately. May need to pick up the new one tho!