Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quick Darling Girl Halloween Swatches

Chances are you've already seen swatches of the DG Halloween collection, but I decided to swatch my sample set anyway, in attempt to help me decide on which shades to order full sizes of.

Top row: crypt keeper, pumpkin eater, bats and belfry, witch & famous, zombody to love, pretty plasma
Bottom row: jack’s latern, thriller, apparition, dream scream, ghostlight, will-o-whisp, candy corn, corpse candle

Bats in the Belfry is slightly more brown than Crypt Keeper, Zombody to love is a gorgeous denim-blue with gold sparkles, Pretty Plasma has black glitter. Jack's Lantern is probably my favorite shade of the bunch, I love it as a quick eyeliner. Dream Scream has awesome red sparkles, and Will-O-Wisp and Corpse Candle make an amazing blush/highlight combo!

I got my braces off today!! It feels very strange, and I constantly catch my self tonguing over my teeth. It will take some getting used to! I'm wearing Jack's Lantern as a eyeliner, Poison Plum on my lips mixed with Shiro Cosmetics Yo Dawg lip balm.


  1. I love Yo Dawg! And Poison Plum, too. And they're very pretty mixed.

  2. I love the color of Yo Dawg! but I find it doesn't apply very well on it's own.. It added a more magenta-ish hue to Poison Plum, and together it stayed on my lips quite well :)