Thursday, January 6, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Haul

My first ever order from Morgana! There's been a ton of praise over the net for their vegan lipsticks, so when the Black Friday sale was announced, I was super excited to place a order. It did take quite some time for the orders to ship (i am just receiving my order today.) But there was a fair warning, and i'm guessing there were a crazy amount of orders she had to fill! As a one woman show, i'm still impressed. I also have to say that her customer service is excellent; I contacted her about my order not showing up on the site, and she was *extremely* quick to reply and fix the bug. I ordered 5 full sized eyeshadows as they were half price, and four lip products. I did not receive any samples.

Underworld, Harbinger, The Witching Hour, Actium, Senet 

Underworld, Harbinger, The Witching Hour, Actium, Senet 

These are all swatched over a primer and Pixie Epoxy. These colors are extremely gorgeous, i'm kicking myself for not ordering sooner. The full sized jars are packed full, without a sifter, so upon opening my package there was a bit of leakage around the sides. You do need to be quite careful opening them up because the shadow tends to acculumate around the edges of the jar (but this does happen with virtually every non-sifter jar anyway.) The jars were all packed in a ziplock bag, but were not taped.
  I truly love them all, but The Witching Hour is my favorite of the bunch, it's got this blue sparkle which i'm really loving with purples/pinks right now. I'm already plotting another order!

Peach Daiquiri, Lush, Apple Plum lipsticks & Plumeria lipgloss

I was dying to try out Plumeria after constantly seeings looks on Blix's blog. This shade is gorgeous! I would highly recommend applying it with a lip brush though, because the color is very intense. It's a gorgeous purple with visible blue flecks of glitter!  The first two shades are from the new Pastel collection. I chose these shades because they look like something I could tone done enough to wear on a daily basis. All of the lipsticks did stain a little (even over the two layers of primer & PE) but applying it over lipbalm and a pencil might limit the staining. I've heard these have crazy lasting power, so it makes sense they might stain a tad. I was able to wash them off cleanly with dish soap though, so if you're used to long-lasting lipsticks they should work perfectly. As much as I love some cheaper brands (like NYX) I do find I have to apply the product multiple times throughout the day, and it is quite drying, so i'm looking forward to see how they'll last over an entire day! I will be posting FOTDS and lip swatches soon!


  1. Those jewel toned shadows are GORGEOUS. I can't wait to see what FOTDs you come up with!

  2. These shades are orgasmic. Do you have any of their lipsticks? I am thinking of getting some! But I am very picky when it comes to lipsticks. I hate sheer ones!