Monday, January 31, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Samples Haul

I received my sample eyeshadow order from Morgana Cryptoria today! I placed my order on Jan 9, and it was shipped on the 14th. Shipping was only 1.00 for sample-only orders!

The sample jars are 1.50 and you receive 1/4 tsp, although it looks like there's a lot more! The jars are smaller than the average size i'm used to, but they were more than half full.

Samples in bags are 1/8 of a tsp and range from .50-1.50 depending on the collection. There was more pigment in the jars compared to the samples, so for future use I'd rather purchase jars as they are more convenient as well. I think I chose sample bags for some of these shades because they were unavailable in jars at the time I ordered.

Top row: aspbite, axe to grind, chivalry, alchemy, anubis, brew haha
Bottom row: glitter ghoul, gauntlet, lady godiva, cryptic, druscilla's sister, sinister, winifred


aspbite - medium purple with a pink hue in light
axe to grind - dark purple with sparkle
chivalry - this shade reminds me of a few of fryinnae's; it's a gorgeous nude with a purple and gold sheen
alchemy - fuschia! with blue sparkle
anubis - pretty amethyst-like purple with lots of multicolor sparkle
brew haha - I don't know how to quite describe this shade; it looks like a muddy green but in the light it's got this interesting purple hue with gold sparkle

glitter ghoul - matte black with colored sparkle
gauntlet - this is a complex shade. it's a dark lavender with a blue sheen, with a nude undertone
lady godiva - pink/purple mix with TONS of sparkle
cryptic - black with tons of multicolored sparkles. In RL I see mostly bright pink sparkle
druscilla's sister - bold fuschia, similiar to Azalea lipstick
sinister -  dark green with gold hues
winifred - lavender with blue duochrome and sparkle

My favorites are Aspbite, Chivalry, Alchemy, Gauntlet, Lady Godiva, Druscilla's Sister and Winifred! Quite a few favorites in this haul.... Can you tell I like purple by the way? :P


  1. Pretty! I've been wanting to try them but was put off by the minimum order amount, I think.

  2. Emily, I initially didn't like the min order either, but I usually tend to spend around $15-20 when I make online purchases to make the shipping worth the while anyway. The $1 shipping is a plus!

    Morgana is releasing new shades sometime this month (new lippies and eyeshadows) so maybe something will catch your eye ;)

  3. So beautiful colors!
    And your swatches are really great! thanks!!

  4. Heather, Winifred is one of my favorites! Have you tried Morgana yet?

  5. wow, love the swatches. Very pretty, vibrant colours!!