Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Morgana Plumeria

 I wanted to experiment with Morgana's Plumeria lipgloss so I did a quick look to go with it.
This gloss is extremely pigmented, you need to give it a few shakes before use or it settles to the bottom. Once applied, it does last a fairly long time (100% through eating a sandwich at lunch!) and has mild staining on removal.

Eyes: Fyrinnae Danse Macabre, Morgana Brew Haha, Morgana Sinister, Morgana Glitter Ghoul
Face: Evil Shades Gossamer, Hi-Def powder
Lips: Morgana Plumeria gloss
Here is a photo of Plumeria alone. :) What do you think? Would you wear this color? I think the color itself is beautiful, and wish I had the courage to wear it out.


  1. Gorgeous look, I love the green eye shadow on you, really suits you

  2. Plumeria is gorgeous on you! I have it too, and layer it often on another lipstick for wearable intense lips :)
    Which scent did you picked?

  3. Thanks Nicole! :)

    And Mlle.K, which lipsticks do you usually layer it with?
    & I got it in strawberry! :D

  4. I layer it with some muted red lipstick (blotted) for berry lips, or with one "my lips but better" color, like some NYX round one ("perfect" I think).
    If you use a dark lipstick it's gonna be too dark for day look, in my opinion, that's why I usually go with something pigmented but not too bright or dark.
    Actually Plumeria tones down the color to a very classy looking deep color:) and I love the blueberry scent I took (even if it's a bit strong at the beginning)
    Hope it helped!

  5. That is simply gorgeous!! Wow!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  6. Thank you Catanya! & Thanks for following me as well! :)

  7. I've got a week spot of for anything channeling style from the 20s-60s. This look (especially in the first picture) has quite a 30s feel to it with the dark lips. You pull off that color so well!