Friday, February 11, 2011

Recent Swap: Sudsy Soaps & Scents and Mad City Sue

I recently did a swap with a wonderful gal over on the Swappers forum and received my end the other day! I received a bunch of products from various etailers including Isle of Eden, Mad City Sue, Doctor Sweet Tooth, Sudsy Soaps & Scents and more. I will be reviewing the remainder of them another day, as i've ordered other products to try out, but there's two I wanted to do now.

This is my 10 oz scrub from Sudsy Soaps & Scents. It goes for $9.00 for 10oz, which I think is more than generous. For example, Haus of Gloi's sugar scrubs are $10.00 for 7.5 oz.

Scent description: White Chocolate - The aroma of creamy cocoa butter, marshmallow, meringue, white chocolate, and vanilla beans.

It smells delicious, like moist chocolate cake. I can definitely smell some of the marshmellow and vanilla notes. I used this on my hands earlier, and it left them feeling very soft and moisturized! The formula of this scrub isn't one i'm used to, the exfoliating power from the sugar is there, but it's VERY thick and creamy; the texture is more like a thick exfoliating lotion than that of a pure sugar scrub i'm normally used to. I used it in the shower last night, and a little really goes a long way. A Haus scrub takes me MONTHS to use, i'm sure this will take even longer! It left me feeling moisturizing after the rinse off, and the scent did linger which I liked. This is perfect for dry winter skin (like mine!) I'm excited to try more from this company, they're products look mouthwatering and products are reasonably priced.

I've ordered from Mad City Sue multiple times before, and am always impressed with her products. I received a roll on perfume and body spritzer in Blue Raspberry Icce. I couldn't find a scent description for this scent in her etsy shop, so it may have been discontinued. It's a very sweet scent, and to me smells identical to the Blue Raspberry Fanta slurpee! (A favorite among Canadians, even in winter.) It has a bit of a sour note, but yum, smells delicious.

Have you ordered from either MCS or SSS? What scents have you tried?

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