Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Evil Shades: Pin Up Girls Swatches

I received my order from Evil Shades today! It was placed on the 21st of Jan and shipped on the 3rd of Feb. Which is weird, because i'm still waiting on two orders which were shipped Jan 10th. Customs must be swatching my order...
I ordered the Pin Up Girls collection in sample sizes, Push lipgloss, and a few other eyeshadow samples.

Limited edition Push lipgloss! The color is quite nice, a coral which is perfect for spring.Yum! The gloss itself is very moisturizing and non-sticky.

Most of my samples were filled to the top, but they were quite varied. Y'know how some companies make eyeshadows with glitter that is hardly visible? The red glitter in this is ACTUALLY present, and visibly shows up when swatched!

Shadows all swatched over primer & Pixie Epoxy.

CC41, sweater girl, pencil skirt, vavavoom, whisper, wink, wiggledress, bombshell, wyvern, glooming, sinister, nightshade, backtalk blush, silk stockings lipstick, push lipgloss

CC41 - matte neon orange

sweater girl - matte neon yellow

pencil skirt - matte blue, I didn't see a shift in this one.

vavavoom - pine green with golden highlights! Would look awesome with brown eyes.

whisper - lavender with silver sparkle

wink - pink with silver sparkle

wiggledress - matte black with visible red sparkles

bombshell - beige with blue shift

wyvern - light green with sparkle

glooming - black with large visible aqua sparkles

sinister - vivid green

nightshade - bright purple.... Yes, let me tell you, this color is bright. The clamshell was packed almost full, and silly me, I sat swatching these in my living room. I spilled my sample ALL over my living room floor.. Thank goodness I managed to get it out. I scrubbed with a kitchen cleansing spray for quite some time. Probably going to get another sample of this with my next order, it is a pretty shade.

backtalk blush - bright pink with golden shimmer; less hot pink than I was expecting, this is totally wearable!

silk stockings lipstick - lighter than it appears here. It's a little darker than the Bombshell eyeshadow.

push lipgloss - coral gloss

My favorites are Whsiper, Wink, Bombshell, and Wyvern! I'm really excited to try the lighter shades out as lipcolors or as a blush. Bombshell is a really pretty neutral, and I plan on wearing Silk Stockings tomorrow. I'm not a fan of matte shades, but i'm thinking of trying the neons over some other shadows, to make them appear brighter!
Did you order anything from the Pin Up Girls collection?


  1. I haven't tried these products before, but I like Sinister and Wyvern, they're both pretty colours I would definitely wear myself.

  2. i really love the swatches of these shadows. they're so pretty and pigmented~!

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  3. Beautiful colors! I'm gonna need to check this brand out.

  4. thanks for the swatches :) thanks for following my blog

  5. Thanks guys! I'm going to swatch them over the Hi-Fi primer later and see if there's any difference in pigmentation, and how the mattes show up. I wore silk stockings today - Love it! Very moizturizing and buildable.

  6. Mi sono iscritta, se vuoi ricambia l'iscrizione!
    I signed up, returns the entry if you want!

  7. Thank you! I followed you as well :)