Friday, February 18, 2011

Quintescentials on Etsy

I went to class today only to find out it was cancelled - my instructor lives outside the city and we had a crazy snow storm last night, all highways were closed this morning. I should have known better to check the annoucements online...Gah! Luckily, I came home to a package from Quintescentials! I had added their Chocolate Fudge scrub hearts to my favorites and was dreamily eyeing the listing for days... before finally giving in and placing an order. I contacted the owner, Samantha, and she put up a custom listing for me of 10z of Chocolate Fudge scrubs. For $5.00 you recieve 6oz of scrubs, and $8.00 gives you 10oz. Shipping was very reasonable to Canada.

My order arrived in a small box, wrapped in pink tissue paper. The invoice was also included with a thank you note!

My scrub hearts were beautifully packaged, so cute! I was also sent a bar of Pink Vanilla Sugar as a gift, thanks Samantha!! :) This reminds me of Lush's rockstar, but more cotton candy & vanilla scented.
The scrubs?? They ARE as delicious smelling as they look! Oh goodness... I really do love chocolate, and I love these. I wish I could eat them; they smell like brownies! I used half of a heart on my hands, and they felt really nice. They're exfoliating, but not rough. If you run your hands under some warm water, you can mold the scrub a bit so it becomes more softer. I do like that they come in convienant, one time use sizes! I hate bringing my huge sugar scrubs into the shower, and worry about getting water inside of them. For 10z, I received 15 heart scrubs.

Yum! Don't they look good enough to eat?!?

You can also check out Quintescentials's blog for updates and more! A giveaway just ended today, and i'm sure there will be more in the future.


  1. When I first saw this I thought you were reviewing some treats you bought on Etsy, but they're actually body scrubs?! I'd totally be trying to eat those if they showed up at my front door haha. Definitely keeping my eye on Quintescentials :)

  2. Thanks so much for the review, Amber! Glad you like your goodies :)

  3. @ Linnaeous Cosmetics: I'm totally making hot fudge brownies tonight! The scrubs look AND smell delicious.

    @Quintescentials: It was my pleasure! :) I truly love the products you sent me. I'm hoping you have some plans in the near future to make a lotion with a similiar scent? :D