Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer look with Brazen Cosmetics & Evil Shades

A Beachy/Summer type of look for today. I've had enough of snow! I wanted to do something fun as well since I passed my skills checkoff on catheterization. :D
 I also wanted to play around with my bronzer from Brazen Cosmetics and try out my Evil Shades shadows.

Eyes: brazen ice queen, fyrinnae rapunzel has extensions, brazen bronzer, evil shades zombie, evil shades coffin, evil shades necropolis
Face: Brazen Hi-Def powder, Brazen Bronzer, Brazen Perfect 10 blush
Lips: Brazen lipgloss in Hype

What do you think? I love the bronzer mixed with the perfect 10 blush, It really puts the accent on my cheekbones. Hype is also a very nice lipgloss. Similiar to Brazen's La Femme but w/o the gold sparkle, this would be a good shade for day-to-day use or for those who don't wear lipgloss too often.

Here's hoping for the predicted -1 weather for tomorrow!!!


  1. Very pretty. Looks like a Spring look. Too bad so many places are snowed in.

  2. Yeah, we just got a foot of snow last week too :P

  3. SNOW SUCKS! I live in Canada as well and where I currently reside it is COLD right now!!!! I can't take it! What a nice summery look to take our minds off of the terrible cold. Also good job on the catheterization stuff, my sister's a nurse so I know that learning these things can be tough!

  4. @ Vulanc_Butterfly Where in Canada do you live? I'm in Manitoba, and the weather network is claiming we are going to have a nice week next week.. They always let me down though! :P

  5. Your bone structure is amazing! I can't get enough of it! and you hair color? Is it natural?

  6. @ A Georgy Girl - Thank you!! :)
    My hair color is natural! I went through just about every shade of the rainbow a few years back, and then went pitch black. I've been growing it out ever since dying my hair black, so the ends are still a little darker.
    My natural hair color is a dark brown, lately I've been doing a coffee rinse which adds a bit of gold highlights to my hair :D

  7. I love this beautiful beachy look! Gorgeous!