Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blue Raspberry FOTD

A quick FOTD I did today before going out to run some errands... The battery to my camera died so I borrowed my mom's and couldn't really get a good pic. The shadow is so much more sparkly in real life!
I am eating a blue raspberry slurpee right now (hence the FOTD name!) It was so nice outside today, -5!

Eyes: brazen icequeen, morgana aspbite, fyrinnae faerie glamor, fyrinnae sequined master, brazen karma, morgana anubis
Face: brazen hi-def powder, evil shades goassamer blush
Lips: brazen burlesque


  1. Gorgeous, how d you get your hair like that? I love it x

  2. Thanks guys! :)

    Nicole - I have naturally curly hair. My hair's currently well past my chest, and is more wavy now, but when i've worn it shorter it forms babydoll ringlets! I use Garnier curl mouse and Mark by Avon's curl goddess mist after showering and let my hair airdry. Sometimes I'll put my hair up into a clip to get more defined curls. I don't ever blowdry my hair (it ends up looking like a poofy afro!) but I know some girls get more curls using a diffuser on their hairdryer!