Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi-Fi Zodiac Collection Swatches

I received my sample order from Hi-Fi Cosmetics that I placed on Jan.07/11 today. The TAT was insane before Veronica closed up shop for her move, but the wait was worth it. The set of 12 sample eyeshadows was 8.99, and Veronica had a 10% off coupon when I ordered. She included two free eyeshadow samples, eye glitz in new age sample, and the high impact shadow fix sample! Overall I really like this collection of shadows, all the colors seem to compliment eachother and there's quite a few combos i've been considering, based on these photos alone.

goodbye, pisces - vivid blue with an aqua sheen in the light

dark star capricorn - purple-grey with pale pink highlights

sunrise in aries - peachy orange with yellow sparkle

chinashop taurus - gold with yellow sparkle

scorpio rising - purple with pink and blue sparkle

in love with a sagittarius - baby pink with tiny blue sparkle

age of aquarius - light baby blue with silver sparkle

journey of a gemini - more purple than saggittarius, with a blue/silver duochrome

leo, lord of lights - liquid bronze! the bronzer version of On Tour

gift from virgo - looks white in the bag, but applies to a shimmery pale pink, would make a nice highlight/accent on tearduct

three libras - pale taupe with silver sparkles

tropic of cancer - pink-purple with purple and silver sparkle

queen of disaster - medium bright blue with silver sparkle

wanted - darker, more warm version of leo

new age eye glitz - green, lime green and blue sparkle

My favorites of the bunch are dark star capricorn, journey of a gemini, leo lord of lights, gift from virgo, three libras. I think i'm going to need a full size of Three Libras, it looks like the perfect everyday/neutral shade. I also really want to try sunrise in aries mixed with a peach lipgloss, It's a lot more of a coral color than it appears in some of the photos.

Here's a photo of one of the sample baggies; as always, you get a ton of product with Hi-Fi!

Now for the eye primer, quite a few people compare it to Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy. I applied a pea sized amount, & I found that the shadows applied easier (will have to see how it works for blending shadows later) but it defintely stained as others have mentioned! It is very thick, and when I went to wash it off, the shadows smeard in the direcion I washed, hardly moving at all. I had to scrub my hand for a good couple of minutes to get the shadow all off and my hand still felt sticky afterwards. My hand is now red and a little sore, so i'm a little hesitant to try this on my eyes. Have you tried the High Impact shadow fix?


  1. The capricon shade looks pretty. That eye primer doesn't sound like something i would want to put on my eyelids, what with the skin being so delicate o_0

  2. The shadow fix is very staining, but I do love it. I have to use an eye makeup remover to get it off, and that works just fine, but soap and water don't seem to be very effective with it.

  3. Phyrra, I thought you would! It would look great on you :)

    Heather - I used makeup remover and followed by dish soap & water to remove it off my hand. Maybe my eye makeup remover isn't strong enough? It's from avon. Which one do you use? I'm looking to try other that aren't drying! Do you prefer Hi-Fi's primer to epoxy?

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