Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everyday FOTD

Today's FOTD! We went out for breakfast this morning with an old friend of mine. This FOTD is actually my new "everyday" sort of look. I really love Fyrinnae's Damn Paladins eyeshadow; the soft blue hue is really gorgeous, and it's light enough for me to wear to the hospital.

Here's a closeup of the necklace I made last night!

Eyes: Brazen Ice Queen, Fyrinnae Damn Paladins, Brazen Cold Shoulder
 Face: Brazen foundation in "Amber", Brazen Hi-Def powder, Evil Shades Gossamer blush
Lips: Brazen Burlesque


  1. Damn Paladins does look lovely on you! Also, I loved the way you applied blush.

  2. This is so fresh looking! Beautiful! That necklace is really pretty too, very talented!

  3. @Julia - Thank you! It's quickly become one o my favorite shadows. Perfect for everyday! I have high cheekbones and I love how Gossamer gives me a highlight effect on top of the blush!

    @Aoife - Thanks :) It was my first attempt at using a crimper, a little frustrating.

  4. I like this toned down every day look. When I do this kind of look for my work I either end up using 1 shade of brown that's kinda 'meh' or I get too over excited and do something too bright and out there haha. I never really seem to get it right :( I like your necklace too, it's pretty :) I used to make my own beaded jewelry years ago. The creativity aspect is so enjoyable. I should get back into it. Also, thanks for following me! :)