Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring FOTD with Brazen Cosmetics and Evil Shades

I wanted to do a fun spring look today and give my Evil Shades blush a go! I've been having a pretty stressful & ovewhelming week at school, Midterms are next week. But - I gave my very first injections (two of them!!) yesterday at clinical, so i'm pretty proud of myself :D

You can sort of see my cupcake necklace here, this was the first one I made and didn't turn out the greatest.

Eyes: Brazen Mythic, Brazen Cirque, NYX black, Brazen Ice Queen as a highlight
Face: Brazen Foundation, Brazen Hi-Def powder (best applied with a kabuki brush), Evil Shades Gossamer blush
Lips: Evil Shades Bane

I applied Gossamer lightly, you only need a *tiny* bit on your brush. It's extremely pigmented! The first time I applied it I used what was a little too much (but what I usually apply.) It blends beautifully, and even with just a small dab you can see the duochrome effect! I tried to capture it the best I could in these photos, obviously if you apply more blush you get more of the duochrome.
The lipstick was another winner for me, again, extremely pigmented and rich in color! I was very surprised as to how evenly the lipstick applied (I used a lip brush) how little I needed, and how moisturizing it is. Honestly, I haven't found a formula to be this moisturizing. An hour later, my lips feel like I have a chapstick and are not dry whatsoever.


  1. I love it! Look like these make me wish i could pull off bright eyeshadow!

  2. I love these colours! Gossamer looks awesome on you!

  3. Thank you both!
    Aoife - You can totally pull off bright lippies, i'm positive you could do bright shadows. Give it a try! :D
    Vulcan - I was worried it might be too pink (even for me) but I love it! I'm really into the duochrome effect.

  4. love the colours, really suits your skin tone and dark hair, fab pictures.