Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Collections

Last night both Evil Shades and Sobe Botanicals released new collections. This weekend only, you can purchase the sample set (including ES new lippie) for 10.00 with free shipping! Full size set is 38.50.
Photo courtesy of Evil Shades.

Phyraa posted swatches here of Sobe's new duochrome blush line. As you can probably tell, I currently have an obsession with duochromes, so I picked up samples of the majority of the shades and a full size of Icing on The Cake. You can use the coupon SAVE20 for 20% off your order! I believe the coupon's good for the next week or so.

Photo courtesy of Sobe Botanicals.
Are you going to pick up anything from either collection? :D


  1. $10 for a sample set!!! I think I'm going to pick that collection up for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah! Considering Evil Shades samples are more than generous, AND they're usually 1.25 a piece... $10 is such a great deal :)

    Also, there's a limited edition lipgloss up in Push, majority of the proceeds go to charity!

  3. Ooo duochromes! I'm a little obsessed with duochromes too lol. I'd love to see review/swatches when you receive these! ;)

  4. Of course! :) I'm hoping they ship early next week. Even with sample sizes shipping was 4.50, so I decided to give Icing on The Cake a try in fullsize. Gave me a greater discount, too!

    SheBang looks a little like Evil Shade's Gossamer, and Dolled Up a lighter version.

  5. beautiful blog!!
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