Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flytrap on Etsy

Flytrap was recently featured on Heartsy, and after eyeing their store for a while, I jumped on that heartsy deal and immediately picked up their poppy dress! The dress is normally 34$ + shipping, and I got it at a steal for the 12$ heartsy deal for 30$ store credit, and paid the remaining 6$. So 18$ for a 38$ dress. When I went back on etsy just now to leave feedback, the dress is now selling for 38$ + free shipping ($2 if your in Canada/Intl). The seller sent me the invoice for the remainder of the money very promptly (within a couple of hours) and send me another email later that evening saying it had been shipped! Wow, talk about a quick TAT! It was purchased on April 15th, and arrived here in Canada today (the 27th.)
They're envelopes are the cutest thing; I'm a lucky duck! But being made out of paper I would be worried if I had ordered this during winter.

It arrived neatly folded in pretty green tissue paper. No invoice was included.

The dress is dark grey with Flytrap's Poppy design screenprinted.

The dress only comes in one size, which is supposed to fit up to a size 6/medium. I'm pretty tiny and normally wear a size XS, and 0 in jeans, and was honestly nervous when I unfolded it from the tissue paper. It does fit pretty snug, I'm happy I didn't order a smaller size. I don't any other american apparel items, so I don't really have anything to compare it to...but I was a little unhappy that the edges of the dress are all raw/unserged. Especially around the bustline, I can see it shredding/ripping pretty easily. I guess AA dresses are meant to be worn without a bra though, which I don't plan on doing. I think the cut is pretty flattering though, and the material is quite comfortable. It's casual, but with the style of the sleeves it can be transformed more dressy/chic.

What do you think? Did you pick up anything from the store during the Heartsy deal? Anything in the store caught your eye? I'm wishing I picked up another deal, the cloth napkins are quite pretty!


  1. It looks very pretty and fits you perfectly!

  2. What a cute dress! Great find!

  3. Thanks Ki! I don't normally wear tight fitting clothes, so It was a bit awkward at first!

  4. Thanks for your review! (This is Jody from Flytrap.) I just wanted to explain about the paper envelopes--these are 100% recycled! They are much more expensive for me than standard polyfin mailers would be, and they're heavier, so it's more expensive to ship them. I offer free shipping to all my domestic customers, so all this added expense is on me, but I still do it because I believe it's the right thing to do. Please understand that if the paper mailer harmed the clothing in any way, in winter or summer, I would immediately replace the purchase, no questions asked. This hasn't happened yet, and if it did start to happen regularly, I would use a different mailer. My customer's satisfaction is of utmost importance to me! :) Thanks a lot for your feature and for taking the time to photograph the dress--it looks great on you!

  5. Oh My god !! Pretty Look and beautiful Dress. nice your all pics and lovely your style for all photo's. thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks for commenting, Jody! :) I love the envelopes, I think they are a nice touch, and I love them even more now that you've mentioned they're made from recycled paper!
    I've only ever had one incident with a ruined envelope; Canada Post left my mail on the hanger outside the mail box and it fell down into the snow. I continue to admire your customer service & will continue to purchase! :D I am currently eyeing some of those napkins...