Friday, April 15, 2011

Heartsy: Dennis Anderson Soap Company

A while back I purchased the Heartsy deal for Dennis Anderson's Soap (13$ for 35$!) I was excited about this deal because the Anderson Soap company is one of the largest Etsy B&B sellers. I ordered the same day (April 7) and the shop was shut down for a few days to deal with the overwhelming overload from Heartsy deals. Even so, my order shipped on April 9th, and arrived today! That is EXTREMELY quick shipping for US --> Canada! Shipping fees were $8.00.

I ordered body butters in Satsuma and Chocolate Drizzle, body lotion in Levo, and soap in Sea Salt Caramels.

Chocolate Drizzle: the scent isn't overwhelming, and it smells just like Chocolate. Very similiar to Quintescential's chocolate fudge scent which I adore. The body butter itself is very thick and creamy, and comes in a 1 oz size. For $6.00, I don't think the price is too bad (especially with the Heartsy deal) but I will be using these as a travel lotion for my hands. I use a lot of lotion to the extent where one jar would probably last me one full body use...
Satsuma: This one is a little too perfumey/strongly scented for my taste. It smells mostly of grapefruit and orange to my nose.
Levo: The lotion is primarily made with cocoa butter, and thus smells of delicious cocoa! Honestly, it smells just like an Aero chocolate bar. This lotion comes in a 4oz bottle size (at the same price of the body butter) but is thinner in consistency. I do think it's a really nice lotion though, it's not too light (even for my dry skin!)
Sea Salt Caramels: On first smell is smelled dead on like my herbal Throat Coat tea, just like licorice. I get tiny notes of caramel mostly on the bottom of the bar. I will probably let this one sit for a while before I decide what to do with it.

Here's a comparison for the body butter size, it fits into my tiny palms. I'm honestly not 100% sure if they're made with a base, but from the ingredients listed in the etsy listings, they look to be completely homemade. It's also important to note that both the butters and lotion are vegan! The ingredients are listed on the Levo lotion & soap label, but not on the butters.

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