Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tree Bark Earrings

OruAka is currently being considered for an etsy deal! Hopefully this post will give you some incentive to purchase. In the meantime, you can stop by his shop using my coupon code listed a few posts back. I had William custom make me some earrings and buttons, and picked up a few other things from his etsy store.

Each set of earrings and my hair clip arrived packaged in these little boxes. I really think that's a nice touch! I'm going to be giving a pair to my mom, and the boxes make them perfect for gifts.

The buttons are my favorite, especially the toggles! I use them for cowls, cardigans, etc... Even when added to a simple knit, they look fabulous. The buttons are all uniquely shaped and sanded to a nice finish. The majority of these are Cedar wood, and the round ones at the bottom are Spalted Oak.

Aren't these gorgeous?? I'm going to have to pick up more items in Dogwood, the grain is just so beautiful.

I love the rustic/earthy feel of these tree bark earrings.

These are Elm wood, again, isn't the grain gorgeous?

And finally, a hairclip made from Dogwood! I'm already wearing this in my hair.

If you're looking for gorgeous handmade buttons & wooden jewlery, I highly recommend checking out William's store. I've purchased from other etsy sellers for wooden items, and will continue to be a repeat buyer with OruAka. The quality is outstanding, he is a pleasure to deal with, and is always very quick to reply to convos if you ever have any questions or are interested in a custom order! Please check out his shop, and support handmade.


  1. :D I'll hopefully have time to do a FOTD tomorrow and will take some pics with the earrings being worn!

  2. I did browse this shop after you posted about them the first time. Love the wood jewelry! What fun! I may have to order some stuff from them!

  3. Yeah! The shop has new items added almost daily. If you decide to purchase, don't forget to use my coupon code! :D