Thursday, April 7, 2011

Package from Rosella Resin

My package from Rosella Resin on etsy arrived today! Shipping was extremely fast (within Canada) took three days. As mentioned before, the owners Jessica & Gwynne have great C&S. They responded promptly to my convos, my package arrived bubble wrapped and neatly packaged with a thank-you note. I'm very pleased with their shop and quality of items, I will definitely be a return customer!

Both my bangle and ring arrived packaged in a baggie, with a tag from their shop I felt was a nice added touch. (Also love their logo!)

The bangle! Aren't the feathers just gorgeous? The bangle is made of resin, which is hard to describe, but it's very lightweight. The items have very small air bubbles, proof that they are individually handmade. The bangle measures 7.5 inches around (size small in the shop), and fits my tiny wrist fairly well (I could almost use a smaller size :P)

A view of another feather on the bracelet.

The lovely ring! The red feather is even more stunning in real life. Again, the ring is very lightweight, so even with it's size it's not heavy at all. This ring is a size 6, and fits on my ring finger (second from the pinky.) The ring sizing is fairly accurate, I believe my diamond rings are all a size 5.5-6. I might consider purchasing a 7 next time, to have it fit my index finger.

Side view of the ring.

Just gorgeous!! I am extremely pleased with both of the items I purchased! I always encourage people to buy handmade, and with all honesty, have you ever seen jewlery quite like this? To me it's worth every penny of the Heartsy deal I purchased, although I would gladly pay full price for orders to come!


  1. Man what great products. You have temped me to pick up a few ;)

  2. I blogged about her rings a few days ago- I want one so badly! I've been waiting for her to list the right style in the right size.. Lovely!

  3. WOW! Those are so unique and pretty! You have great taste.

  4. this is a great products. You have temped me to pick up a few.......................

  5. Oh wow those are really cute! I'd love to have a bracelet made using my birds molted feathers,definitely going to look into this site!