Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring time with Brazen

I'm always excited to get mail, but even more excited when I see the Brazen stamp!!! This was a fairly big haul for me this time around, and I was dying for it to arrive. As always my package arrived intact, neatly taped, and wrapped in colorful tissue paper.
I ordered 3 of the upcoming Spring scents in Thai One On, Summer Lovin' & La La Lychee.
Thai One On: smells of coconut and lemongrass. The scent reminds me of tanning lotion (the good stuff) with the lemongrass note. It's not too overpowering, and the notes REALLY compliment each other! Totally yum!
Summer Lovin': this one is a mixture of fruit, I get mostly mango, grapefruit and orange. It smells tart and sweet at the same time.
La La Lychee: I've never smelled lychee before this, but it smells really good! It's like a mix of tart fruit and underlying florals.

Super cool!!!

I ordered lipglosses in Bronzed Bombshell (darker and more golden than Au Natural), Forbidden Fruit (bright opaque cantelope/orang mix) and Muse and Make out for my Mom who kept stealing my glosses! Sandi graciously included samples of her new Gummie Glazes; these smell AND taste delicious! The differences in the glazes are the color of the sparkle. The gloss is a clear color with differeing colors of sparkle, depending on your 'flavor', i.e. Orange and Cherry.

And finally, the Sulty Sahara swatches! I was so excited when the sneak peaks for this collection were posted; the shades are all colors I could see myself wearing on a daily basis.
From L to R we have: monsoon, oasis, sultry, swelter, mirage


No flash.

Aren't they all gorgeous?? I can't even pick a favorite. I can't wait to work with these colors, all of the shades appear as if they will all compliment eachother. I think this is a great collection to try from Brazen, especially if you love naturals (but with a twist!)

With my order, I also received a bunch of tickets. Initially I was quite confused, until I read the bright orange paper in my package.. All month long Brazen will be hosting draws for various prizes, and with every item ordered, you will receive one ticket! Winners wil be announced on the FB fan page and blog.. Hurry down to Brazen for your chance to win some fabulous prizes!! Brazen is currently only on ArtFire, and she is working on getting her own domain up and running!


  1. Waiting for my order to arrive, and some surprise scents, and some lipglosses. The Sahara colours look fab, and while Lychees taste really fresh and sweet, I have no idea what they smell like (I'm curious now !)

  2. Those colours look pretty but also really similar to some stuff i already have, but its a great colour choice because those shades are really versatile. i liked the packaging- super cute :D

  3. Martian Delights: I've been told the scent is similiar to the taste, except there are those wonderful floral undernotes. I don't think I've ever had a "fail" scent with Brazen! Maybe you could ask Sandi to stick a sample sniffie in with your next order? :)

    Sophie: Sandi really goes the extra mile with her packaging! Everything's always packed up neatly with such cute presentation, but I think the labels are what win me over. Even on samples, there's always an ingredient list.

  4. Those colors are just so gorgeous and pigmented looking. Gotta love Brazen!

  5. I can't wait for my Brazen to get here.
    Sultry Sahara looks absolutely drool worthy.

  6. These look really nice! I'll bet they look fabulous on you!

  7. The colours look so pretty! :) I especially love the first one on the left, such a wearable reddish hue!